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We are all sisters whose family’s have been impacted by food allergies.  We struggled like many of you do with finding healthy foods for our families because so many foods in the grocery store are packed with refined sugars, preservatives, GMOs and other strange ingredients or chemicals we have never heard of.  
After lots of experimenting in the kitchen we came up with the perfect mix of healthy ingredients and delicious taste we are excited to share.   We believe simple, nutrient-rich ingredients found in nature (not created in a lab somewhere) are the best!  Our ingredients are allowed to be a little snobby because we want what’s best for our family and yours!  Our products not only taste incredible but are easy & fast to make and healthy for you! 
Try one of our tasty almond flour baking mixes today!

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  1. Vicki Miller says:

    Hi! I was at Dr. Helfgott’s office for the meeting/seminar last night (March 10). I relate to being a restaurant food “snob” and am always looking for new, not-so-expensive places to go. My husband and I know about 2 or 3 restaurants in town, which is limiting, and I wonder if we could be missing out on some good ones that we just haven’t heard about. So I wondered if you would be willing to
    indulge me in the names of places you like to/will eat. :)Thanks so much!!

    P.S. the cookies were delish!!

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