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Lindsay Light Koler

Striving to live and eat healthy has become a passion of mine! When I was young I used to love baking with my mom, but throughout high school, college and law school, fast eats seemed to be the name of the game.   It wasn’t until my first child was on the way that everything really came into focus and keeping my family healthy became my main goal!
For me, the turning point was when my son got sick in utero.  When you or your loved one gets sick you quickly realize not much else matters.  It was during that time I started to reevaluate everything I was doing, eating, putting on my skin, spraying in my house and outdoors; anything and everything that may have contributed to this unexplainable thing happening to my son.
The passing of my son and our subsequent struggle to have another baby, made me rethink everything I thought about health and healthy eating.   My hope is to help others learn the healthy way of life I have come to LOVE!   I see the food sensitivities in my own family, the diseases many Americans have – the cancers, the diabetes, the heart disease – and I want others to know the impact good nutrition and a healthy lifestyle can have on their families.  The Food Snob mixes have been a big part of healthy eating in my house and I am excited to share them!

Kristen Light Macy

A healthy lifestyle has always been important to me, but what I didn’t know was what I assumed was healthy was not always the case.  Throughout college and my early 20s I would go to the grocery and look for labels that said organic, low fat, no sugar, fresh, or healthy.  But what I didn’t know is that this doesn’t mean it is good for you!  Many of these labels are for marketing purposes and can be deceiving. 
I started doing research and found that sticking to a whole food lifestyle is the way to go.  I personally want to know what I am eating and if I look at a nutrition label and do not know every ingredient I do not buy it.  I am a busy working mom of a precious little boy and a wife to a wonderful man, so health and convenience are both VERY important to me.  I have made a point to not let being busy interfere with my families’ health.  Not to say this isn’t hard, and many days it would be easier to order a pizza than cook, but I always want to do what is best for my family. 


Julie Light Rodgers

JulieFor many years, I assumed “healthy eating” was what was advertised on a label. I never took the time to educate myself on ingredients or how they impact my body. I felt I was doing the right thing and did not look too much further. Then, I became a mother and everything changed… suddenly, learning about what I was feeding my children was SO IMPORTANT to me.
I began to educate myself on the foods I was eating and feeding to my family.  After my second child was born, she had terrible eczema. Nothing would clear it up. One day, it was suggested to me to try a gluten free diet. Within a week of going gluten free, her eczema was gone. From that point on, I have been on a crusade to feed my family the very best food I can and that means going beyond gluten free, to packing each meal with as many “super foods” as I can.I am a now a mother of three wonderful children that I am so happy to feed healthy, nutritious food. Despite working full-time, I want to make sure that my husband and children always have access to great food to eat and Food Snob mixes make that easier!

Elizabeth Light

LizGrowing up, I was surrounded by fresh organic food. My parents were vegetarians and we were able to buy mostly organic produce, or simply pick fruits and veggies from our garden. Once I moved away from home and started college, my eating style changed drastically. Living in a dorm and then in a sorority house, I was unable to cook my own food and ate whatever was quickly available. I tried to stick with healthy options but unfortunately most of my meals contained highly processed ingredients.
During this time of my life, I developed an autoimmune diseased called ulcerative colitis. I spent a lot of time researching the medication that I would need to take for my condition and found that it could cause some alarming side effects. Not wanting to put that into my body, I turned to food for medicine. Avoiding things like gluten, grains, dairy and adapting a paleo style of eating helped to heal my body and make me feel great.Cooking has become a passion for me as I try to create meals that are filled with nutrients and help the body thrive rather than break it down. Food snob mixes are a wonderful option that both my hubby and I can enjoy knowing each package is filled with quality and healthy ingredients! 

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